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Marty Wright (The Boogeyman) Biography

Marty Wright (Martin Wright) Biography Marty Wright, aka The Boogeyman, was born on Halloween 1964. He is currently an American professional wrestler who is likely best known for his past stint as a touted WWE star.


The Boogeyman came on the scene in October 2004 when he applied to participate in season four of Tough Enough, a reality TV program produced by WWE. He attended a two-day, fifty competitor event in Venice Beach and was among the eight chosen finalists to participate on the show. However, despite the fact that he survived the first cut of eliminations, he admitted that he had lied about his age by ten years in order to compete on the show, and was actually five years older than the show’s cut off age. He was immediately let go from the competition as a result of his untruthfulness.


Despite being cut from Tough Enough, Wright was invited to join the WWE’s developmental territory OVW for potential training. He trained between 1/2005 and 6/2005, making his debut on June 25th of that same year. He was put up against three other wrestlers in this debut, and he made short work of the trio. It was then that he announced that his preferred moniker would be “The Boogeyman.” This persona soon included a monster face.


When he was introduced on WWE RAW, it was with much fanfare and cheesy B-horror movie style recordings to promote the newly manufactured persona. Unfortunately, after he was bumped from RAW to SmackDown, he hyperextended both knees and was out of commission for some time. Indeed, his debut was pushed all the way back to October of the same year, when it was implied that he was going to be incorporated into another show. This never panned out for undisclosed reasons. He was eventually incorporated into SmackDown via the ‘new talent initiative’ and proceeded to chant horrific Freddy Kruger nursery rhymes to taunt his challengers. He made quite a name for himself over the next couple of months, showing up unexpectedly backstage and generally becoming a bit of a nuisance.


Over the next few years, The Boogeyman would continue to win unexpectedly and pop up here and there throughout the WWE Universe. His crowning achievement was ending The Miz’s undefeated streak at the Armageddon PPV event.


Eventually, in 2007, he was bumped to WWE’s ECW brand, where he performed at a lukewarm level at best. After a few sporadic wins and one final devastating loss to Kane on March 3, 2009, it was announced by the WWE that he had been released from his contract.


Real Name: Martin “Marty” Wright
Date of Birth: October 31, 1964

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