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R-Truth (Ron Killings) Biography

R-Truth (Ron Killings) Biography R-Truth (Ron Killings in real life) is a professional wrestler currently signed on with the World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown brand. Aside from his stints in the WWF/E, he is also known for his work with other wrestling companies; especially with Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling where he was a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.


Killings was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 19, 1972 but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. His childhood years weren’t easy as his family struggled to make a living. To make ends meet, his father used to sell marijuana and Killings would sometimes help. While growing up, Killings aspired to be a rapper/musician. During his school years, Killings was an accomplished track runner and football player. He was offered a college scholarship for his football skills but turned it down instead to concentrate on becoming a musician. While doing so, he funded his activities by dealing drugs, just like his father. He spent 3 years dealing drugs just to spend money for his debut album. In order to finish his album, he took one more job. It was supposedly his last but he was tipped off to the police and was arrested. He spent 13 months in jail after his arrest.


When he was released, Jim Crockett approached him and suggested a life in pro wrestling. Killings turned down the offer and continued to pursue his musical dreams. After two years with no positive result in his work, he called Crockett once more and took his offer.


Killings made his wrestling debut in 1997 for several independent circuits but eventually made his way to the WWF. During 1999-2001, he was wrestling for the WWF as K-Kwik and partnered up with Road Dogg. In November 2000, he became involved in a storyline between former Degeneration X members Chyna, Road Dogg, and Billy Gunn against the Radicalz. Killings also won the WWE Hardcore Championship twice, but lost the title in just a matter of hours. He was also part of the Invasion storyline but his career never really took off in the WWF. By late 2001, he was released by the company.


R-Truth (Ron Killings) Biography After his WWF release, he briefly appeared for XTreme Pro Wrestling as K. Malik Shabazz as part of the New Panthers gimmick. After he left the company, he made his biggest impact in TNA Wrestling during his 2003-2007 stint. At first, he wrestled under the name “K-Krush” but later changed it to “The Truth”. On August 2002, he defeated Ken Shamrock to become the first ever black NWA World Heavyweight Champion. His second reign as NWA Champion was during his tenure with popular stable 3LiveKru. During his reign as champion, he dropped the title both times to Jeff Jarrett. After 3LiveKru disbanded, he was aligned with disgraced NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones. The team won the TNA World Tag Team Championship. By this time, Killings’ relationship with TNA has become strained and he eventually parted with TNA to return to his old stomping grounds.


By 2008, he returned to the WWE in an episode of SmackDown under the name R-Truth. Although he has worked for the WWF before, his previous stint from the company has been disregarded for storyline puposes.


Real Name: Ron Killings
Date of Birth: January 19, 1972


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