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Batista Fan Reaches Backstage And See What He Does

Ha Ha Ha Ha….I love that.. That guy must be courageous, standing in front of Batista… Just look at Batista…Dam! he looks surprised as well..wait a sec.. the guards boy run…LoL

Randy Orton Get’s Punched By a Fan on WWE Live

Actually, this isn’t a punch coz it made Randy Orton Smiled.  I am confused. Just checkout the the way he turns to that Guy and Smiles…you decide!

Shawn Michaels Funniest Moments on WWF & WWE

Well, heres the heart break kid who makes you laugh on every second that passes. If you are looking for the funny moments of Shawn Michaels, this is the best video you can ever find. Check it out.

Umaga and The Great Khali’s Funniest Moments

Well, LOL. I know both are speaking their languages but the place is US. Why the hell they dont understand that US people would’nt understand their aggressive conversation and neither Khali or Umaga.

Edge Being Funny with Kurt Angle

That was funny.. Kurt Angle is so good when someone makes fun of him. I just love Kurt Angle doing this type of comedy.

John Cena raps on Mr.McMahon and Sable video

Checkout this funny video where John Cena raps on Mr.McMahon and Sable.